Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Follow Anybody? {Solution}

why wont instagram let me follow

Are you unable to follow anyone on Instagram? If you’re unable to follow anybody on the Instagram that means you’re blocked from the Instagram to follow anybody for a certain period of time. Usually, the ban doesn’t last for more than 48 hours.

If you’re also blocked from Instagram and not able to follow anybody on the Instagram then here you have landed to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing Instagram Following Blocked issue. There are various reasons behind getting banned from Following on the Instagram application.

You might be thinking that another person has blocked you that’s why you’re unable to follow him/her but it’s not true in fact you’re banned from following by the Instagram.


Why Won’t Instagram Let me Follow Anyone?

If you’re unable to follow anybody on the Instagram that means you’re banned from following people on Instagram. This happens when you follow a lot of people continuously without a break. If you are following people whom you don’t know and in bulk then Instagram will ban you from following the people.

To be on the safer side, you shouldn’t follow more than 100 accounts in an hour if you exceed this limit then you will be banned from following people for a specific period of time. However, 100 isn’t a specified limit by Instagram; it’s just an idea to stay on the safer side from following.

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How to Check If I’m Blocked from Following on Instagram?

To check whether you’re blocked from Following or not follow 5-10 continuously and if after clicking on Follow button it reaming same or unselected that means you’re blocked from following and this ban would be lifted automatically by Instagram in 24-48 hours.

However, if you’re unable to follow a specific person that means you’re blocked by that specific person not by the Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram Following Ban?

There is no such solution which can lift your following ban on the Instagram. You’ve to wait for a few hours which can be 2 Hours to 24 Hours depending on the spam you’ve done on the Instagram account.

If you think you’re banned by mistake and have not violated Instagram Following Guidelines, then you can reach out to Instagram from their Contact page and tell them about the issue they would fix it for you.

If you’re blocked for the first time, then the ban would be lifted within 2 hours but if you keep violating Instagram Guidelines then there are chances that Instagram may ban your account permanently, and you won’t be able to follow anyone. So, do not follow unknown people or in bulk.

How Long Instagram Temporarily Bans from Following?

There is no such specific time for which Instagram bans but there is a general time limit which is of 24-48 hours and you would be able to follow people again after the ban is lifted.


If this is the first time when you’re banned from following people, then you shouldn’t worry as you would be unblocked automatically after few hours, but if you keep following people in bulk, then there are chances that Instagram may ban you permanently. So do not follow more than 100 people an hour to be on the safer side.

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