5 Best Unfollow Applications for Instagram

Worried about increased followings on Instagram? Sometimes on Instagram, we just keep on following everyone whether we know the person or not. There are many reasons for which people increase their followings.

One of the reasons behind following people blindly on Instagram is to increase Followers. If you follow multiple people in bulk then there are chances that half of them would follow you back. But, what if your following list has gone of out of control? It would be difficult for you to unfollow one by one.

If your following list is also big and wants to unfollow them at once then here you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some applications which will help you in Unfollowing People in Bulk.

unfollow apps for instagram


Top Unfollow Applications for Instagram

You can’t unfollow all the people in just one click as there are some limitations on the Instagram for Following or Unfollowing people. However, the applications we have shared will work on automation basis and helps you in unfollowing the people in bulk.

#1: Unfollow Gram

Here comes the first application for Android Users which helps in unfollowing on Instagram. This is a great Instagram tool for Android users. In this application, there are various features such as checking who follows you back, likes, comments etc.

However, this application has a limit of Unfollow 50 peoples in one shot because of Instagram policies. You can unfollow people in bulk with each shot of 50. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store and has overall users rating of more than 4.5

#2: Mass Unfollow for Instagram (for iOS)

This application is available only for the iOS users. If you are using an Apple mobile phone and wants to unfollow the people in bulk then this is the perfect application for you. The great thing about this is that it is available for free on the Store and can be used on iOS devices. There is another great thing is that you can also use this application to remove posts in bulk.

In this application you can Unfollow 200 people in an hour this is because of the Instagram policies as Insta doesn’t allow multiple activities at the same time whether it be likes, comments, following or unfollowing.

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#3: Turbo Unfollow for Instagram

Here comes another application for Android users to unfollow Instagram users in bulk. This tool has basically 4 categories which are 1) Unfollowers 2) Fans 3) Mutual Followers 4) Verified Accounts. Here you can sort them according to your choice and then unfollow them in bulk with just one click.

There are many other features also in this application which can be used for free such as comparison, stats etc. Download Turbo Unfollow for Instagram for free from the Google Play Store.

#4: Unfollowers for Instagram (for iOS)

If you are an iOS user and Mass Unfollow for Instagram application has not worked for you then here is another application “Unfollowers for Instagram” which will help you in Bulk Unfollowing for the Instagram.

This application has got good ratings on the Store and it’s totally free to use. However, there are some limitations which are necessarily keeping the Instagram policies in mind. You can use other features of the application also for free. Download Unfollowers for Instagram for free from the iTunes now.

#5: Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users is currently available only for the Android mobile phone users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at free of cost. This application offers multiple following at once.

However, you can only unfollow 10 people in one shot. It’s good to use if you have less number of followings on Instagram.


These are the best applications for Unfollowing People in Bulk on Instagram. You might be thinking that all these applications have limitations, these limitations are added by keeping Instagram policies in mind as Instagram doesn’t allow spam or automated things.

If you know any other good tool which can help in unfollowing the people in bulk with more ease then do share it with us via the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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