How to Fix “Snapchat: Could Not Refresh – Please Try Again” Error

Snapchat users often see an error message saying Could Not Refresh, Please Try Again. This error often appears when you try to update the chat list, stories or while sending a snap. However, this is a common error and it could be due to your internet connectivity.

But in some unforeseen circumstances, there could be some other reasons also and it will keep appearing every time when you refresh your feed. The most common reason for this error is your Internet connection. This error may appear even if you have a slow Internet connection.

So, here in this article we are going to discuss this error and will get to know possible ways for fixing the error. Have a look at the below-shared guide to know more about the error and its fix.

snapchat could not refresh


Snapchat: Could Not Refresh – Please Try Again

Whenever this error appears and you refresh the feed then this error may get disappeared but if you are getting this error continuously even with a good Internet connection then you need a fix for this. Below we have shared some common tricks which might help you in fixing the error.

#1: Switch Data Connection

The very first solution to fix the error is changing the Internet connection. If you are getting the constant error even with a good Internet connection then please switch your data connection and try again.

If you are on Mobile Data Connection then switch to Wifi and if you are using Wifi then switch to mobile data. In most of the cases switching data connection works. However, if it doesn’t work then Turn On Airplane Mode and then Turn it Off after a few minutes. Hope that fixes the Could Not Refresh error in the Snapchat.

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#2: Clear Data of Snapchat

If still, you are getting the error after switching the Internet connection then there might be some issues with your Snapchat application. So you should try Clearing Data of Snapchat and then try again.

To Clear Data open Settings of your mobile then open Applications and select Snapchat from there. Now Clear Data & Cache of the Snapchat application. After clearing Data open Snapchat Again Login to your account. Hope it fixes the error for you.

#3: Update Snapchat App

If you are using an older version of the Snapchat application then it may show you Could Not Refresh error while opening the Chats or Feeds. So the best fix here can be by updating the Snapchat’s latest version from the Google Play Store or iOS Store according to your device.

#4: Check Whether Snapchat is Down?

So, here is the last fix and if above-shared methods have not worked for you then there are chances that the error might be from the Snapchat’s end. Whenever Snapchat’s servers go down then you will not be able to refresh the stories and it will show you Could Not Refresh Error continuously.

To check whether Snapchat’s servers are down or not you can check it from the Google or there is a website called DownDetector which can help you in knowing the status of Snapchat’s servers.


If you are getting Could Not Refresh Error in your Snapchat app then you can try above-shared methods and get rid of the error. If the error still persists please leave a comment below with proper explanation. We will get back to you with a resolution.

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