5 Methods to Hide Likes & Activities on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user then you might be aware that whenever you like or follow someone from your Instagram account then your followers can see that from the Activities tab. It is applicable for all the public Instagram accounts and anyone can see that which photos are you liking and to whom are you following.

If you want to hide your activities from your Instagram followers then here we have got some tricks for you which will help you in hiding Activities and Likes from your followers. However, there is no such official way or feature from the Instagram which can hide your activities. But still, there are some ways by which you can hide your activity and likes or followers.

Hide Likes Activity Instagram


How to Hide Likes & Activity on Instagram

Not only likes and followers your followers can see comments too on which posts you’ve commented. If you want privacy from your followers and don’t want to show your activities of Instagram to your followers then there are few guidelines which you should follow and it will prevent you from activities done on Instagram done by you.

Recently Instagram had launched a feature in which your followers can see when were you active last time however, Instagram has provided an option to hide this but there is no such option to hide activities.

If you are looking to Hide Likes, Comments, Followers & Activities of Instagram then you have to share follow the mentioned guides and you would be able to keep the privacy of your Instagram account.

#1: Like More Than 9 Photos

The very first method of hiding your like activities of Instagram is that like more than 9 photos of any public account to hide your likes activities from your followers.

Instagram shows only recent 8 photos liked in the activities that mean you have to like 9 random photos of public accounts and then your followers would not be able to see your previously liked photos.

#2: Save Post

Another thing you can do to hide activities is that you can Save or Bookmark Post to your Instagram. When you save any post on your Instagram account then nobody would be notified or get to know that you have viewed or saved any post.

You can access your saved photos anytime from the saved section. Only you can see what you’ve saved in your Instagram account.

#3: Blocking

Here is one more method of hiding activities, in this method, if you want to hide your activity from a specific person then you can block that specific person on your Instagram account and he/she would not be able to know what you are doing on the Instagram account.

#4: Hide Activities Option

If you want to hide activities option in which people would not be able to know that when you were last active on the Instagram then you can turn off your activities and then you would not be tracked by your followers.

To do this open Settings option of your Instagram account and then Turn Off Activities from Activity section of your account.

#5: Be Active at Night

This is a temporary solution of hiding activities in which you can use Instagram at late night or early morning while other people are not active on Instagram. If you use Instagram at late night when your followers are not active then there are chances that your activities would not be shown to them.


These were the 5 methods to Hide Activities on Instagram which will help you in many ways to keep privacy on the Instagram. If you are having any other method or suggestion to hide activities on Insta then please do let us know via the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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