Fix “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” Error

Parse Error is a standard error faced by Android users. When you try to install an application manually on your mobile phone, then you may encounter an error saying Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package, which means that there is some issue with the package file that’s why you’re facing the parsing error.

There are various reasons for the parse error such as invalid Apk file or not supported by your mobile phone. Here in this article, we will discuss all the possible causes and fixes for the Parse Error on Android mobile phones.

fix parse error


Why am I facing Parse Error?

If you’re thinking that why am I facing the error then let me tell you that there are various reasons for the error and here we have mentioned some of the common causes which can lead to Parse error while installing the application. Have a look at the below list to know more about the causes of Parse error on Android.

  • The very first reasons for Parse Error can be that the Apk file of the application is not downloaded completely or damaged. Make sure that you have downloaded the proper and complete Apk file to get rid of the Parse Error.
  • If you have proper Apk file without any error and still facing the error, then your device might not be supported with the application. There are some applications which can be run over only 5.0+ Android versions and if you try to install such applications on lower version of Android, then you will get the Parse Error.
  • If you or someone else have made the changes to app’s manifest file then you will end up facing Parse Error.
  • Another reason can be that your device’s security system is not allowing the installation of third-party applications.

How to Fix Parse Error on Android?

So, here we discussed the possible causes of the Parse Error which do not let the application installed on the mobile phone. There are various methods also to get rid of Parsing Error. Below we have shared some working and common ways which will help you in fixing the Parse Error. Have a look at these methods below.

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#1 Guide: Enable Unknown Sources

For device’s security Android do not allow apps installation from Unknown Sources that’s why you might be facing the Parse error. Here you need to enable the Installations of applications from Unknown sources.

  • At first, open Settings of your mobile phone.
  • Now look for Application Settings or Security. (May vary from device to device)
  • There you need to look for an option of Unknown Sources.
  • Now enable the installations of applications from Unknown Sources.

Now open the Apk file again and try installing, it should work.

#2 Guide: Turn Off Antivirus

If you are using an Antivirus on your mobile phone then there are chances that it will not allow you to install the applications from Unknown Sources. For device’s security Antivirus disables the installation of applications from 3rd party sources. To get rid of the error Turn Off your Antivirus temporary and then try installing the Apk file on your mobile phone, if it’s installed successfully after disabling Antivirus then you can turn on the Antivirus again after installing the app.

#3 Guide: Corrupted Apk File

Before installing the Apk file on your mobile phone make sure that you have downloaded the proper Apk file from a reliable source. If you downloaded damaged or corrupted Apk file then you will get Parse Error and it can be fixed by downloading proper Apk file.

However, if you have downloaded the Apk file partially or it’s download is not completed and you try to install then also you will get Parse Error. To avoid the Parse Error you have to download complete Apk package file from a reliable source then you will not face Parse Error any more.

#4 Guide: Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging is not necessary for installing the Apk files but some users said that enabling the USB Debugging had fixed the error for them. So, if still, you are facing the error even after following above shared guides then you should try enabling USB debugging also. Follow below-mentioned steps to enable USB Debugging.

  • Go to Settings of your device.
  • Open About Phone section.
  • There you will find Build Number and you have to tap 7 times on it continuously to enable the Developer Options.
  • Once you enable the Developer Options then go to Developer Options and there you will find USB Debugging option.
  • Click on Enable USB Debugging.
  • That’s it, Now try installing the Apk file again and it should be installed on your mobile phone.


If you are unable to install the Apk package file even after following above shared methods then there are chances that your device doesn’t support that specific Apk file. If you have some other solution to get rid of Parse Error then please share it with us via the comments section below.

However, if you have any other query related to Parse Error then please let us know via the comments section and we will do our best to solve your query. Do us a favor by sharing this article with your friends using the Social Share buttons given below.

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