How to Change Email Address Linked to Apple ID

If you’re an iOS user and wants to change the email address associated with the Apple account then here you are at the right place. If you’ve bought an old iOS device or borrowed then you would like to change the old email address with your own.

It is necessary to have the working email address associated with Apple ID to make things easier, in case if you forget the password of Apple account then you will need the same email address attached to your Apple account. So here, it’s necessary for you to have a working email address attached to the Apple account.

How to Change Email Address Linked to Apple ID


Change Email Address of Apple Account

Apple ID or Account is necessary for iOS devices to work properly. If you want to access the iOS Store or iCloud then you will need a working Apple ID. You should always keep updating the working email address with Apple account, if you do so then things become easier.

Before changing the Email Address make sure that you have access to old Email Address which is currently being used in the Apple account. If you have access to current Email Address of the apple account then you’re ready to go. The process of changing Email Address is quite easy but there are many people who do not know about changing the Email ID. That’s why here we have written this detailed guide which will help you in changing Email of Apple ID.

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How to Change Email of Apple ID?

Before proceeding further make sure you have access to current Email Address and the Email Address which you are going to use should never be used before for creating an Apple ID. Now, follow below-mentioned steps to know more regarding email address change.

  1. At first, you have to visit this link from your device!&page=signin
  2. Now, Sign In with your Apple ID whose Email Address you want to change.
  3. After that click on Edit at the top right corner under the Accounts section.
  4. Click on Change Email Address.
  5. Now enter the email address which you wants to associate with Apple ID and make sure that it’s not used before for creating Apple ID and your primary email address.
  6. Now a confirmation email will be sent to the Inbox.
  7. You’ve to verify the ownership of email address.
  8. That’s all, Now you have successfully changed the Email Address for the Apple Account.


It was a simple guide on changing the Email Address of Apple Account. Once you have changed the email address then make sure to use the new email address account while logging in.

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